September 2023, Nantucket hosted the first Climate Change Summit

The Summit explored the direct impacts of climate change seen on Nantucket Island as well as learning from some of the adaptation measures already happening on island.

This free event was hosted and sponsored by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Linda Loring Nature Foundation, Great Harbor Yacht Club and the Community Foundation's ReMain Nantucket Fund.

Welcome and Introduction

What Does Climate Change Mean for Nantucket Island Karberg and Bois.pptx

"What Does Climate Change Mean for Nantucket in 2023" with Jen Karberg and  Sarah Bois 

Resilient Solutions and Adaptation Projects

"Restoring Lily Pond Park: enhancing habitats, improving water quality, increasing system capacity, and enriching the public experience"

 Rachael Freeman, Nantucket Islands Land Bank

Resilient Framework Sarah Bois.pptx

"Building a Resilient Framework: Open Space on Nantucket" 

Sarah Bois, Linda Loring Nature Foundation

Creating a Dune Jen Karberg.pptm

"Dune Restoration at Millie's Bridge" 

Jen Karberg, Nantucket Conservation Foundation


Climate Summit Phenology Poster LLNF Buck Bois 8.30.23.pdf
Sesachacha Pond Restoration Leah Hill .pdf
Windswept Restoration Climate Change 2023 NCF.pptx

This event originated with Drs Jen Karberg and Sarah Bois who partner on climate change and resilience-based research and education while working for two different non-profits on Nantucket: the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and the Linda Loring Nature Foundation.

Dr Jen Karberg

Director of Research and Partnerships

Nantucket Conservation Foundation

Dr Sarah Bois

Director of Research and Education

Linda Loring Nature Foundation

Our Nantucket Community is very connected to our island and everyone has a story about the changes around them - what are your stories? What have you seen change on this island?